Race relations have been in the news for some time and not for good reasons. I will not revisit each atrocity here but I suggest a solution. We (all races) should all get back to the basics of treating everyone we meet courteously and with respect. This may sound simple but it works. Lately I notice people going out of the way to be courteous to me. I have also notices some who walk around looking for a fight with a chip on their shoulder. If a policeman kills someone it should be investigated and if not justified he or she should be prosecuted. If you do not agree with the outcome there are legitimate ways to vent your opinion but they do not include murder or vandalism. If you live in poverty it is not someone else’s fault. There are many honest ways to pull yourself up out of poverty and they do not include stealing or dealing drugs. They do however, require hard work and dedication.

Remember if you want respect you must give it first.