Turning the Bible Belt into the Beer Belt (originally posted Sept 2014)

East Texas Residents


Well since most East Texas cities have voted to sell alcohol in the last year, we should all be reaping the benefits by now. The cities’ treasuries should all be overflowing with increased sales tax money and we will all be saving gas since we won’t have too far to drive to get our liquor.

If beer and wine sales will make your city prosperous, what happened to Gladewater and Kilgore?

Johnny Redneck may not have the money for milk or diapers but he sure will not skip his case of beer

Of course, some of your favorite items at the supermarkets may no longer be carried so they can make room for all that beer. 

East Texas used to be called the Bible Belt, we can change that slogan to the Beer Belt.

Salvaging a Legacy (Originally posted July 2014)

With all the problems in our country today: the IRS scandal, VA mismanagement, poor economy, border security and a host of foreign policy issues; Mr. Obama must feel overwhelmed.

Many of Mr. Obama’s problems are self inflicted but still solvable. If Mr. Obama would tackle these issues one at a time, realize this is still a democracy and he is not a dictator, these issues can be solved. This means he will have to sit down and negotiate with people he may not like and have very different views. He may not get everything he wants but neither will they. In negotiations you rarely get everything you want but the end result is you come up with a solution to the problem. This is so elementary I hate to bring it up but our leaders do not seem to comprehend this process. Both Democrats and Republicans don’t want to be seen by their base as giving in to the other side and all actions taken or not taken are calculated to give an advantage at the next election. What Is more important being tough and not compromising or doing what is right for America? If Mr. Obama would cut back on his golfing and fundraising and sit down and negotiate with the Republicans to solve some of our country’s problems, he would be seen as a hero as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were. Instead Mr. Obama would rather be an ideologue and accomplish nothing. Mr. Obama is on track to surpass Jimmy Carter s the worst President since Hoover.