Letter to the Editor Originally posted March 25, 2015

I was encouraged to see two letters responding to my recent letter (3/25) concerning trash on East Texas roads and streets. I agree with Mr. Barham, the ultimate responsibility for this problem lies with the citizens and the problem will never be solved until the citizens care enough to dispose of their trash properly. Until that happens I am trying to do my part by my small company (23 employees) adopting two sections of roads, one in Harrison County and one in Gregg County . I have written letters to beer distributors, and fast food distributors to try to get them to help. Their products make up the vast majority of roadside litter. Only Ed King of Chick-Fil-A even responded to my letter. We citizens who want to end this problem could use a little help from the city and county as the volunteers cannot pick up the trash as fast as the non-caring can throw it out. It is very discouraging to clean up a section of roadway and see new litter the next day.

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