Response to Letter to the Editor 7/13/14 (originally posted July 2014)


Re Ruben Navarrette’s column 7/13.


Mr. Navarrette paints a lovely, heart tugging image of the tiny waifs storming our borders. Just a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds bravely clambering aboard any conveyance to reach the fabled shores!


Unfortunately for Mr. Navarrette, those of us in border states know otherwise. Many of the teens are members of gangs. Many are infested with lice and carrying communicable diseases we have almost eradicated in this country. None have any way of supporting themselves here.


To allow them to stay would both reward the coyote and break up more families by providing incentives for more kids to come (and possibly die or be raped on the way). Not to mention the costs to our schools, medical system, and yes, criminal justice system.


Then Navarrette says it that more border guards would not stop/stem this tide. Ridiculous on the face, of course more patrols would stop it. He would have us do nothing but bankrupt our cities, and give away our children’s inheritance.


The government can put them on buses to invade our cities…just point the buses the other direction and take them home! If we still had one capable journalist with any courage at all left in this country, they  would be researching who is putting out the ads in these countries. Could it be someone with an agenda in THIS country? Who benefits from this invasion? Simple: look who is pushing to give them licenses and the vote.






Benghazi (originally posted May 2014)



I listened to Mike Morrell testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee; at least all I could stand. I have listened to commentary on it since and I have followed the information on Benghazi from the start. After all the different testimonies and information available, I have concluded that Mr. Morrell, Mr. Clapper, Ex Secretary Clinton, Susan Rice and President Obama are all bonifide, certified, award winning liars. These people, especially Mr. Morrell, could convince you your square picture frame is a circle. These people can look you right in the eye and lie and never blink. They have done this so long they may have convinced themselves they’re telling the truth. Hillary had a good teacher. Remember Bill saying “I never had sex with that woman” and can we ever forget “It depends on what your definition of is is”

What is even more depressing is many Americans don’t seem to care. Remember four brave Americans died because of these incompetent, scamming liars and no one has lost their job. Also none of the terrorists have been captured or killed. It seems the CIA can’t find these people, maybe they should call the Associated Press for help. This whole thing stinks and someone should pay at least with their jobs or better yet: jail time!


A Call for the Return of Family Values (originally posted 9/2/15)

As we face today’s issues, riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, ISIS, politicians who lie, etc…we are told my many that old solutions will not work. We must come up with new ideas and the people that commit these atrocities are justified in their actions. We excuse bad behavior, bad manners, and even murder. When a teacher or a parent tries to discipline a child and teach some kind of responsibility and morality, it is usually the teacher or parent who gets into trouble. If the parent will not make sure their child is attending school and the child fails, it is a bad school and it is the school’s fault. If someone murders a policeman, they are ‘justified’. Our politicians lie so routinely we excuse and just accept it.

I say we do not need any new age ideas, we just need to get back to basic principles of right and wrong and personal responsibility. We can work to pull people out of poverty but not excuse rioting and murder in the process. There are ways to better one’s station in life and stealing, vandalism and murder is not one of them. There are many legitimate ways to express your displeasure with certain policies but they do not include burning down your neighbor’s business or killing someone you don’t even know.

Public officials routinely lie, but what is worse we make excuses for them if they are a member of our party of share our views…and condone the behavior.

We are a country of laws and behind those laws are a strong sense of right and wrong, and fairness. If you violate these laws you should be punished without exception. Being wealthy does not give anyone the right to commit crimes but neither does being white, black, brown or poor. If you go through life treating others with respect you will get respect returned. If you are financially poor you can rise above this. There are many private and government programs to help anyone rise from poverty but  you must make the effort and do the work. Ultimately, only you can dictate your success.



Letter to the Editor Originally posted March 25, 2015

I was encouraged to see two letters responding to my recent letter (3/25) concerning trash on East Texas roads and streets. I agree with Mr. Barham, the ultimate responsibility for this problem lies with the citizens and the problem will never be solved until the citizens care enough to dispose of their trash properly. Until that happens I am trying to do my part by my small company (23 employees) adopting two sections of roads, one in Harrison County and one in Gregg County . I have written letters to beer distributors, and fast food distributors to try to get them to help. Their products make up the vast majority of roadside litter. Only Ed King of Chick-Fil-A even responded to my letter. We citizens who want to end this problem could use a little help from the city and county as the volunteers cannot pick up the trash as fast as the non-caring can throw it out. It is very discouraging to clean up a section of roadway and see new litter the next day.